So, I have been developing an PHP, MSSQL, JQUERY application for the last months and it is getting bigger and bigger to a point where I created modules pages like get_object_html.php or get_object_json.php but now I started discovering the world of MVC.

It will take a lot of time to translate the sequential programming style into totally OOP MVC system style, something in which I am not an expert. I created my first MVC application for a try and took me around two days but the result was neat.

If I really want to make this code functional and get ready to serve users should I take the time to really go into MVC mode or just skip it and stick to the traditional programming style?

I have a feeling that the code I written so far is not actually in integrity, I feel I should do it but I would like the recommendation of someone more involved in these techniques and technologies.

Thank you.

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