Trying to rehaul my use of controllers and models. At the moment, I have a controller for:

People/Profile System
Project/Profile System
Bulletin/Posting System

and inside of those, I am beginning to see a lot of redundancy. I would like users to be able to, for example, make a post on a person's profile. So then I have a redundant function to create a post, that would exist in the Bulletin system AND the People system. I was told that putting some of the basic CRUD functions in my controller, and then being able to tweak the creation or editing of that resource in my controller for that given section of the site.

Does anybody have any tips or resources that they could point me in the direction of?

Also, I am trying to clean up some routes in my system, and this also brings up the topic of redundancy. I was wondering if anything in here looked like it could be cleaned up by using resourceful routing?

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