I am working on a web forms site in C# using .Net 4.0.

The web site runs on https and I have am using Recaptcha For Net version 1.6.0.

The issue I am having is that when a user tries to log in, the server returns the error above:

could not establish trust relationship for the ssl/tls secure channel

The only thing I am doing with the Recaptcha is displaying a control for it and than verifying the entered value.

I have searched online and people said to use the OverrideSecureMode, but I am unable to find this value, Override info.

I have read on the nuget page Recaptcha does all the https/ssl url routing on its own. Recaptcha features

I think the server is where the issue is but what should be checked?

Does the recaptcha make an https connection to Google's servers and could this be the issue?

If so, what settings on the server will allow this connection to be made?

I have been using the recaptcha on my local machine and on development servers and it works, but the issue is when the https version is accessed. Normal http connections are fine.

Here is the code frot eh recaptcha control. Nothing special, but I am unable to find an override attribute on it, in the html and in the code.

          <cc1:Recaptcha ID="ForgotPassRecaptcha" runat="server"/>

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