Hi I have a umbraco site setup at the moment. It is the latest version of umbraco.

Umbraco does not support mvc 5 as of yet. I am trying to setup an admin area for the site. I want the admin area to use the default setting you get with a new mvc site as in Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.

Alot of the class that Microsoft.AspNet.Identity dont seem to work well within the umbraco site. I.e. I have assembly that are reliant on different versions of assembly that are already in the umbraco solution.

I looked at creating a virtual application for another mvc site within the umbraco site. This was failing based on

Could not load file or assembly 'umbraco' or one of its dependencies. When this reference is added other errors occur.

I am best trying to add the functunality login area in the umbraco.web.ui solution itself, a virtual application directory with a new mvc site or another approach. Any help would be most appreciated.

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