I have a pretty long task for my page, so I'm running it in a background task since I don't want it to block any postback events. Let's just assume this code looks something like this

Task task = new Task(() =>
    for (;;)
        var x = (int)ViewState["progress"];
        ViewState["progress"] = x;


As you can see, I'm storing the code in the ViewState. I have a progress bar on the page along with a timer that ticks every 5 seconds to perform a postback event. In this event, I'm updating the progress bar. The code looks something like this.

protected void Timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)
    int perc = (int)ViewState["progress"];

    //Progress bar code here

The progress bar wasn't updating so I tried debugging and for some reason, I'm getting entirely different values in both the cases. The timer's event gives me 0 all the time but it seems to be updating in the loop.

I've also tried locking the ViewState or using the global variable instead, but no luck.

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