I have been developing SSRS 2014 reports. But when applying CSS, the class names mentioned in HTML tags got encrypted and the styles defined for those class names were not applied. Details as follows. I have a Tablix control in Report template. A column contains an expression like

="<span class='colTabs'>"+Fields!column4.Value+"</span>
  <span class='colTabs'>" +Fields!column5.Value+"</span>
  <span class='colTabs'>"+Fields!column6.Value

I defined styles for .colTabs in header section. After generating the report, the expression rendered as

<span class="A1632e6327ad24a828d2bee4d7cec0cbe49">5</span>
<span class="A1632e6327ad24a828d2bee4d7cec0cbe49">21%</span>
<span class="A1632e6327ad24a828d2bee4d7cec0cbe49">21</span>

Infact the whole report having the same issue. What could be the solution.

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