I have this table and a submit button. So i have a large data to populate my table and that is too long for mobile where i need to scroll to see the submit button. So my client gave me a feedback that he didn't see it so he didn't know what to do. The scrollbar is visible thought but i think he really hates scrolling especially in mobile. But i need to know if scrolling is really bad for mobile?

I want my website to really become responsive which i mean i need to have only one html and javascript code for both desktop and mobile. I have this option to separate the submit button on mobile and desktop. In desktop i will retain the code while in mobile i will make another button which will stick in the screen. But i really hate the idea because i need to code it twice and it would be a problem once there are bugs and i need to fix them twice for mobile and desktop.

And also another question i have is do i have to add every functionalities that is in desktop into mobile? My web application has too many functionalities and features in desktop and it creates a problem with mobile as i have to include them all and it would make the view look overcrowded and the modernity looks off.

Anybody has any suggestions?

I am using angularjs 1x for this.

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