I want to implement a finite state machine (FSM) inside a typical ASP.NET web form. I would like the FSM "engine" to be automatically invoked each time a Page_Load() event happens - which is easy enough - but I also want the engine to receive information about which event caused the Page_Load() to occur. The difficulty is that in an ASP.NET web form, a user-controlled event, such as a button click, can cause the page to reload, but the event handler for the button click itself does not get invoked until after the Page_Load() event fires. As far as I can tell, the Page_Load() handler itself does not contain any information about what user event caused the page to reload. I would prefer not to have to explicitly invoke the FSM engine from within each event-handler method. Is there any way to accomplish this? -- to have Page_Load(), or some other stage in the page life-cycle, "know" what particular user action caused the page to reload?

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