Is it possible to submit an email address through a text area of an HTMLpage integrated in page and send this to a PHP script that control if is actually a valid email address and send answer back to the ASP page so I can get an alert: VALID or NOT VALID. I have 2 webspeace with two different websites: and one in PHP.
The page has a Webform in HTML. I would like to use this to send the email to the PHP script. which rune the validation and send back the status to the ASP page that would answer through an alert, "mail valid" or "not valid."

The idea I have is that the script (after the validation control) has to send back an answer throw an URL to the ASP page and the ASP page would "listen"/ "get" this URL as a variable in order to diplay with an alert the result of the PHP SCRIPT

PHP side:

    <form action="" method="post"        id="webform">



Any suggestion=?

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