I have problem with my drop down list in asp.net when I applying java script on drop down for searching the values in drop down then my drop down not working well. I am using drop down in grid view and I want is that when I click on drop down list the drop down menu will be show the drop down record outside the grid view but it pop up inside the grid view please help me out I am using this java script for searching the values in drop down but when I remove this java script my drop list working well. Please help me out.

 <script type="text/javascript">
        function LoadSearchableDropDown(selector) {
                maxListSize: 100,                       // if list size are less than maxListSize, show them all
                maxMultiMatch: 50,                      // how many matching entries should be displayed
                exactMatch: false,                      // Exact matching on search
                wildcards: true,                        // Support for wildcard characters (*, ?)
                ignoreCase: true,                       // Ignore case sensitivity
                latency: 100,                           // how many millis to wait until starting search
                warnMultiMatch: 'Top {0} Matches ...',  // string to append to a list of entries cut short by maxMultiMatch
                warnNoMatch: 'No Matches ...',          // string to show in the list when no entries match
                zIndex: 'auto'                          // zIndex for elements generated by this plugin 
            //var pos = $(selector).position();
            //alert(pos.left +"-"+ pos.top);
            // $(selector).css('top', pos.top);

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