MVC view have strongly typed List as model. As per page template design, to display data from Model I need to do multiple loops. Situation is I can't put every thing in a single loops because some containing tags (for example div, section and tables) are to be displayed just once.

I m looping in top of page, multiple loops in body and in footer. Model is search result and in itself would be heavy and dynamic, on average it will have approximately 250 records. 250 records and looping it for 10 to 15 times is much resource consumption.

I m sure this is not a new challenge but wondering how it is dealt. Can you please guide me what can be done to make situation better. Currently it is server side model binding.

Edit: Adding a snap short of my template design, please note it is just a part of design there are many other parts as well.

enter image description here

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