I'm using Razor in order to create a dynamic site, i created my _siteLayout.cshtml where I defined my header, footer and the body section supposed to be replaced by @RenderBody()


<section id="content" class=" clearfix">


Then I've created a page where I put some sections, which I would like to separate, one should be on the left part of the page and another one on the right part.

Something like this:

<section id="left_section">

<section id="right_section">

If I simply change CSS properties for the sections and put float:

#left_section{width: 474px;float: left;}

#right_section{width: 474px; float: right;}

Razor doesn't see this sections and move them down thus it overlaps with my footer

The image is here.

Since I'm using a database and the page will rise down, for me it's an essential problem.

Please, can anyone explain? I'm new here, so i apologize probably for a stupid question.

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