I've just started asp.net MVC programming and have 2 problem with my project. I have a controller named DefaultController and a view named Register.cshtml. Also I created 2 partial view named _AddUser and _UserList. When I run my project, the _AddUser partial view shows in Register.cshtml and I can insert a new user. (See attached image)

enter image description here

When I click on User List from the right panel, I can see User List (_UserList partial view is shown) see image below:

enter image description here

Now I have two problems: 1 - When I press the Ctrl + U, I'm waiting to see _UserList partial view page source but I see _AddUser partial view page source. Do not _UserList partial view properly loaded? how can I load it correctly?

2 - the second problem: I want to reset all field and controls in _AddUser partial view after success inserted. how can I do it?

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