I'm working on the HTML5 Telerik Report Viewer and I'm running into issues with my parameterized datasource. In the report I have a stored procedure that takes a parameter that is bound to a report parameter. This works perfectly in the report designer; however, when I view the report through the HTML5 viewer, I get the following error:

An error has occurred while processing Graph 'stkdChart':
Procedure or function 'rptSproc' expects parameter '@TargetDate', which was not supplied.

However, I am passing the report parameter TargetDate with the report. I can see the report parameter in a text box. I'm assuming that the stored procedure's parameter isn't linked to the report parameter from the HTML viewer for some reason.

I'm setting up my report parameters like so

    serviceUrl: siteRoot + "api/Reports/",
    templateUrl: siteRoot + "ReportViewer/templates/telerikReportViewerTemplate-",
    reportSource: {
        report: "Snapshot.trdx", "parameters": {
            TargetDate: "\/Date(1413224249612)\/"
    viewMode: "INTERACTIVE",
    scaleMode: "SPECIFIC",
    scale: 1,
    persistSession: false,
    printMode: "AUTO_SELECT"

So, could someone point to a way to bind the stored procedure's parameter to the report parameter with the HTML5 viewer? Do I need a custom Resolver, instead of the default ReportFileResolver?

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