Using Bootstrap, and this tutorial, and the new .NET Core in Visual Studio 2015:

ASP.NET Forms Bootstrap Menu Control

  1. I've compiled it as a custom server control, and dropped a copy in my /bin folder (BootstrapMrnu.dll).
  2. I've included it in my web.config file, like so (so that I can use it across multiple pages without the @Register Directive):

        <compilation debug="true" strict="false" explicit="true" targetFramework="4.6.1" />
        <httpRuntime targetFramework="4.6.1" />
            <add namespace="System.Web.Optimization" />
            <add assembly="Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Optimization.WebForms" namespace="Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Optimization.WebForms" tagPrefix="webopt" />
            <add assembly="JK.Core.Web" namespace="JK.Core.Web.Controls" tagPrefix="jk"/>

What am I doing wrong, because when trying to run the project I get:

Severity    Code    Description                 Line    Suppression State
Error       BC30002 Type 'Global.JK.Core.Web.   32      Active
                    is not defined.

I don't know what I'm missing here, as I copied the code verbatim. Comments and help Appreciated.

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