I have a unique problem and hoping for some guidance.

In my code (asp.net v4.5.1) I call a web service, simple request and receive a response. When this web service I am calling receives a request, does its processing and posts back some xml to a page on my website. After the successful post the web service returns with a response. So far with me? good... The aspx page I am receiving a post back, I do some processing at my end, save the data and that is all. What I have noticed is when I send roughly 50 requests I receive 50 callbacks and I am able to process it. The moment I increase that threshold to lets say 100 plus the callback page starts timing out after every few calls. There is a resource bottleneck somewhere and I am just not sure where it is to even troubleshoot. One way I am trying to cure the symptom is after every 25 calls I am delaying the next set of calls by couple of seconds but I am really not sure if this is the right way to handle these types of scenarios.

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