I am using the asp.net mvc 4 to build a web application, I use 3 layer structure-DAL for accessing and retrieving data through entity framework, BAL for business logic, Representation Layer for the UI stuff! Inside the BLL layer, I used a web service, the web service settings is inside the appconfig of the BLL project. When I debug in my development computer, all worked fine, however, when I ship the whole project to production computer, the webservice just did not get called, After searching online, I doubt that maybe I did not include the reference to the appconfig of BLL inside the webconfig. So, Here is my question:

  • how to apply the webservice settings which is in the appconfig of BLL to the whole project to make sure it worked in the production environment?
  • there are web-reference and service reference, I know service reference is way better for WCF service. However, my company just gives me the web-reference(asmx) way. Is it ok I just used web reference in a .netframework 4 project?

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