I am using VS 2015. I am creating a a web form application. I've 4 Master Pages for different user roles. Everything was working fine. But when i move master pages to new folder then i got error of page not found then i edit my .csproj file in notepad and set the correct path for every master page file. Then project run successfully. But after login I got that error. **

dashboard.aspx is not allowed here because it does not extend class 'System.Web.UI.MasterPage'.

Here is my solution explorer snap shot. enter image description here

Before moving files the files that are in CTO folder were in the root directory. When i move them to different folder then issue comes. And here is the snap shot of my .csproj file that i edit. enter image description here

And here is my snap shot of error page: enter image description here

In that picture Inherits="E_Challan.CTO.CTOAdmin" represents that E_Challan is my project. CTO is folder and CTOAdmin is my master page which is located in CTO folder. So where i am doing mistake?

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