Here is the situation that I am in. I have inherited an ASP.NET web application that our company members use to enter the mileage for their company cars. When they log in, there are first asked to enter the VIN for their car.

The manager who administers the application is adamant that they must type in the entire VIN correctly each time. Apparently this is because they occasionally swap vehicles and then don't tell the Fleet dept about it. There are liability issues.

We told him it isn't practical because nobody is likely to type it in from looking at the physical VIN each time; they are going to store the number in a file and cut and paste. So he wants us to create a little mobile app for that purpose; it's a lot harder to cut and paste with a mobile app.

Then we told him about autocomplete. He was not a happy camper.

Is there any way that we can prevent the autocomplete feature from working? If they don't know about it and it happens to be turned off in their browser, problem solved, but I don't think there is any way of forcing it off, is there? And has anyone else ever had to solve this kind of problem?

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