I have trouble to get angular working with .Net partial postbacks.

Question is basically same to this : Re-initialize Angular bindings after partial postback

Basically i have tab on which i have angular app, then i have second tab with some c# control, I have to do partial postback between tabs and when I am going back to my app, there it is nothing.

I have tried routing with ngView then I have tired $route.reload() ( it goes to controller and i can see that template is beeing pulled down but result on page is none. Then i Tried compile(templateCache.get(lazyTableControllerRoute.current.templateUrl))(scope) as mentioned here: https://github.com/angular/angular.js/issues/6280 Nothing.

Please help :)

After each postback I am puting on page this html :

LiteralControl lazyControl = new LiteralControl("<div ng-app=\"LazyLoadingApp\" style=\"padding:10px\" ng-controller=\"LazyTableController\" ng-view><lazy-table> </lazy-table></div>");

And some config constans like templateUrl.

Here is my code :

var app = angular.module('LazyLoadingApp', ['ui.bootstrap', 'ngRoute'], function ($interpolateProvider) {

app.config(function ($routeProvider, $locationProvider, tableTemplateUrl) {
    $routeProvider.when('/Page.Web.UI/sptl_project.aspx', {
        controller: 'LazyTableController',
        templateUrl: tableTemplateUrl,

    // configure html5 to get links working on jsfiddle

//**This objects I am using after partial postback to check in the console if e.g. $route.reload() works..**
var lazyTableControllerRoute = null;
var templateCache = null;
var compile = null;
var scope = null;

app.directive('lazyTable', ['tableTemplateUrl',

    function (tableTemplateUrl) {
        return {
            name: 'lazyTable',
            priority: 0,
            restrict: 'E', // E = Element, A = Attribute, C = Class, M = Comment
            templateUrl: tableTemplateUrl
]).controller('LazyTableController', ['$scope', '$rootScope', 'lazyFactory', 'opsPerRequest', 'header', '$route', '$templateCache', '$compile',

    function ($scope, $rootScope, lazyFactory, opsPerRequest, header, $route, $templateCache, $compile) {

        lazyTableControllerRoute = $route;
        var loadingPromise = null;
        templateCache = $templateCache;
        compile = $compile;
        scope = $scope;

(...) rest is not important 

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