I have been using Kendo UI in my asp.net MVC4 project, and it works normally.

I have used widgets like DropDownList, Grid, and it has no problem.

Recenetly I would like to change some of my DropDownList to MultiSelect,

so I try to copy the example in this link: MultiSelect Basic Usage

However, an error message is shown:

CS1061: 'Kendo.Mvc.UI.Fluent.WidgetFactory<XXX>' does not contain a definition for 'MultiSelect' and no extension method 'MultiSelect' accepting a first argument of type 'Kendo.Mvc.UI.Fluent.WidgetFactory<XXX>' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) XXX is the model passed into that View.

I have google it and it seems like a problem about the namespace / reference config, yet as I said, I have used other Kendo UI widget normally...

Below is my code of my WORKING DropDownList, and a not working MultiSelect

       .Name("vendorName") // Name of the widget should be the same as the name of the property
       .DataValueField("VendorCategoryID") // The value of the dropdown is taken from the EmployeeID property
       .DataTextField("VendorName") // The text of the items is taken from the EmployeeName property
       .DataSource(source =>
                source.Read(read =>
                    read.Action("GetVendors", "GenReport"); //Set the Action and Controller name

            .OptionLabel("---Please Select---")
            .Events(e =>

      .Placeholder("Select attendees...")
      .BindTo(new List<string>() {
          "Steven White",
          "Nancy King",
          "Anne King",
          "Nancy Davolio",
          "Robert Davolio",
          "Michael Leverling",
          "Andrew Callahan",
          "Michael Suyama",
          "Anne King",
          "Laura Peacock",
          "Robert Fuller",
          "Janet White",
          "Nancy Leverling",
          "Robert Buchanan",
          "Andrew Fuller",
          "Anne Davolio",
          "Andrew Suyama",
          "Nige Buchanan",
          "Laura Fuller"
      .Value(new string[] { "Anne King", "Andrew Fuller" })

Here is the Intellisense of my VS2012, no MultiSelect... enter image description here

Can anyone help me out and tell me how can I use the MultiSelect? Thanks!

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