I'm designing an ASP.NET MVC website for browsing photos.

I need advice on what's the best way to implement navigation between photos in a particular category. Most obvious way to do it for me is to use urls like myphotosite.com/photos/animals/1 and when a visitor clicks "next" button, a GET request is made for the next photo (myphotosite.com/photos/animals/2).

Benefits of this approach is that it will work with JavaScript disabled, each photo has a link which can be shared, bookmarked or indexed by search engines. Another design I thought of is to save an array of image urls on the page and dynamically change src attribute of images when visitor clicks next button on the client.

It'll be more fluid and less workload for the server, but as I understand it doesn't have the advantage of each photo having a unique url. I'll appreciate any advice from more experienced people.

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