I am having some issues with a concept and was looking to get some feedback on what was going wrong. Basically I am looking to create a NSObject that holds all of the core UI elements in my application that are to be used over and over to reduce the amount of code I write and also to help save on memory. For example, if there are particular UIImageViews, UILabels, and UIViews that are consistent throughout all UIViewControllers. I can then create my NSObject as part of my Model and then add UIViews from my custome UI class where ever I need them to local UIViewControllers. So far, this idea is working well, but when I move backwards between between UIViewControllers in my stack sometimes, not all the time I experience UIImageView not displaying images at all. The view is still on the stack, but it's like the image is gone? This is where I have been running into issues. Has anyone ever tried something like this or has anyone ever experienced anything like this?

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