i have a question regarding the JavaFX UI Controllers, So i have the following structure:

<VBox : "The Home Object Node"> 
   <AnchorPane : "The Floor Object Node">
      <FlowPane : "A Container in the Floor to Arrange Rooms">
          <AnchorPane : "The Room Object Node">
             <FlowPane : "The Container of the Object Inside A Room">
               <AnchorPane : "The Container for every object in the Room">
                 <ImageView> : "A pic of the "whatever""">

actually i can not understand the relationship between parent and children regarding computing the size. so i have a problem when i re-size on of the children let us say a "Room" the Parent which is Floor does not re-size it self in Favor of the Child. here is an image: I COULDN'T POST THE IMAGE "OVERFLOW ROLES".....!!!!!!!!!!

I am Sorry if i am missing any needed info, plz tell me what you need and i will provide it to you thanks in advance regards

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