Actually I'm very beginner to Angular. I was trying to integrate Angular into my existing ASP.NET web forms project.

So what I did is installed NODE.JS.

Installed Angular CLI via

>npm install -g @angular/cli

Installed typescript into my project using

>npm install -g typescript

Then created a new app by

ng new AngularApp

These above parts were executed without any trouble and the new AngularApp part created under my Project Root directory.

From that new AngularApp directory I executed the following command

ng serve -o

expecting it will open a new browser with Angular 7 demo screen. But it only opened a blank white browser page. Please help me to find what I did wrong.

ng --version
Angular CLI : 8.0.2
Node : 10.16.2

Also I have another question along with it, do I need to run the serve command whenever some changes been made? Or will it automatically listen to changes in code?

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