I have a problem how to convert partial view as a result from join of multiple tables, an employee profile. I'm using Rotativa as a html to pdf converter. This html is a partial view that added to a modal. Before I ask I have tried several times and have tried people's tutorial such as

This one

Below is my c# code using Rotativa :

    public ActionResult Index()
        return View();

    public ActionResult PrintViewToPdf()
        var report = new ActionAsPdf("Index");
        return report;

If I use return new PartialViewAsPdf I my html won't show.

My question are how to convert html to pdf that result of join multiple tables without its header, button download and footer. And this is my pdf result when I use rotativa :


And ofc I've tried using JSPDF also but I got blurry image, if using jspdf could be as good as using rotativa, please let me know

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