For my PHP app, I need to use the Syncfusion Javascript Word Processor. To instantiate it with a default text, Syncfusion asks that this text be formatted in SFDT, a kind of JSON.

//SFDT Example
"sections": [
        "blocks": [
                "inlines": [
                        "characterFormat": {
                            "bold": true,
                            "italic": true
                         "text": "Hello World"
         "headersFooters": {

This code show this : Link

With a .NET Core Package Syncfusion.EJ2.WordEditor.AspNet.Core, I can convert a doc(x) file to sfdt format. So I create a new .NET Core Web Api App with Visual Studio 2017 For Mac with this package.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;
using Syncfusion.EJ2.DocumentEditor;

namespace SyncfusionConverter.Controllers
    public class SyncfusionController : Controller

        public string Import(IFormCollection data)
            if (data.Files.Count == 0)
                return null;
            Stream stream = new MemoryStream();
            IFormFile file = data.Files[0];
            int index = file.FileName.LastIndexOf('.');
            string type = index > -1 && index < file.FileName.Length - 1 ?
            file.FileName.Substring(index) : ".docx";
            stream.Position = 0;

            WordDocument document = WordDocument.Load(stream, GetFormatType(type.ToLower()));
            string sfdt = Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.SerializeObject(document);
            return sfdt;

        internal static FormatType GetFormatType(string format)
            if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(format))
                throw new NotSupportedException("EJ2 DocumentEditor does not support this file format.");
            switch (format.ToLower())
                case ".dotx":
                case ".docx":
                case ".docm":
                case ".dotm":
                    return FormatType.Docx;
                case ".dot":
                case ".doc":
                    return FormatType.Doc;
                case ".rtf":
                    return FormatType.Rtf;
                case ".txt":
                    return FormatType.Txt;
                case ".xml":
                    return FormatType.WordML;
                    throw new NotSupportedException("EJ2 DocumentEditor does not support this file format.");

I make a Ajax request to call this .Net method with my doc(x) file as parameter.

function loadFile(file) {
    const ajax = new XMLHttpRequest();
    const url = 'https://localhost:5001/api/Syncfusion/Import';'POST', url, true);
    ajax.onreadystatechange = () => {
        if (ajax.readyState === 4) {
            if (ajax.status === 200 || ajax.status === 304) {
                // open SFDT text in document editor
     let formData = new FormData();
     formData.append('files', file);

When loadFile function is executed, i got this error in browser's console : "Cross-Origin Request (Blocking of a Multi-Origin Request): the "Same Origin" policy does not allow to consult the remote resource located on https://localhost:5001/Syncfusion/Import. Reason: CORS request failed."

I follow this tutorial and those SO posts Link1 Link2 but it doesn't work. Any idea to solve this problem ?

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