i have the following inside my asp.net mvc view:-

 <div class=" b" >Show   @Html.DropDownList("type", new SelectList(ViewBag.type, "Value", "Text", "" ), new { @id= "typeOptions",@class="SmallDropDown3"}) Requestors.
                        <img src="~/Content/sortloading.gif" class="loadingimage" id="progressSort3" /></div>  

@Html.Partial("_GetRequestors", Model)
@section Scripts {
        $("body").on('change', '#typeOptions', function () {


                type: "Get",
                url: '@Url.Action("GetRequestors","Customer")',

                data: { id: "@ViewBag.AccountID", page: "1", type: $("#typeOptions").val() },

                success: function (html) {
                    $('#progressSort3').hide(); //This could also be dialog("open") depending on the version of jquery ui.


Which mainly display a dropdownlsit which will initiate an Ajax call when the list items changed. Here is the action method that will be called:-

 public ActionResult GetRequestors (int id = 0,int page=1,string type="")
            int pagesize;
            ViewBag.type = ViewBag.PagedSizeOptions = new PageOptions().RequestorTypeOptions;
            bool succeed = int.TryParse(System.Web.Configuration.WebConfigurationManager.AppSettings["TechPageSize"], out pagesize);
           var aUser = repository.populateRequestorDetials2(id,type).OrderBy(a=>a.FIRST_NAME).ToPagedList(page, pagesize);

           ViewBag.AccountID = id;
           ViewBag.currenttype = type;
           if (Request.IsAjaxRequest())

               return PartialView("_GetRequestors", aUser);
           return View(aUser);

currently seems that IE will cache the result for a long time, and when changing the dropdpwnlist IE will always show the cached result for the same dropdown item, even doing a hard refresh (ctrl-f5) will not delete the cached result... So i have mainly these two questions :-

  1. for how long IE will keeps the cached data ?

  2. I know that i can add cache:false as an ajax parameter . but the question is what the default behavior if i do not specify any cache setting in my Ajax call for IE. as in chrome and firefox no cache problem will be faced?

can anyone advice on these issues?


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