My IIS / Apppool are behaving very weird. They keep recycling for almost every minute or even less. I suppose there is a memory leak somewhere.

The private byte: 137.756,00 (137 MB) Virtual byte: 9.394.648,00 (9.39 GB????)

I only run about 2 websites. This is definitely not normal.

How can I fix this? Do I need to reinstall? I have tried to defrag my PC, but it did not help. I suppose that was because the memories are still being pointed by the application.

I tried to delete all my websites then deployed my application again, but it was not helping.

I remember that I force quit the "W something" process which was downloading some files from external source (trusted source). My web application was downloading through that "W something process" (I cant remember the name).

I force quit about 4-5 times, then this happens. What should I do to fix this?

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